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Do you employ highly skilled technical graduates? If so, does your Company have a Talent Plan?

If not, how are you addressing the issues of Attraction, Motivation, Development and Retention of your highly qualified technical staff? The benefits of a robust Talent Plan include better candidates, lower recruiting costs, reduced staff churn, more focussed training costs, and improved staff motivation and contribution to Company vitality and performance.

The Skill Development Consultancy can assist you in formulating a consistent approach to address each of these aspects of technical resource planning. We will work with your Company to create a plan to identify skill gaps and establish an ongoing graduate recruitment pipeline. Your plan will address how to identify outstanding young people and what steps should be taken to accelerate their career development. The plan will also address your general career development structure and the steps your Company should take to Retain and Motivate staff as they develop their careers. The Skills Development Consultancy will discuss aspects of diversity (e.g. gender and multi-ethnicity) that may apply to your Attraction and Development plans to ensure that you obtain, keep and develop the best staff for your business. It will suggest processes and measurements that allow you to drive your Talent Plan forwards in the future.

If you would like to learn more about how the Skill Development Consultancy may assist you in Talent Planning for a highly competitive world market in skills and talent then please contact Julian H Jones to discuss how SDC may help your Company.

Phone: +44 (0)1794 514902

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Last Updated: 4th January 2007, SDC